“All Beethoven”

Beethoven- op. 9 no. 2 in D maj
Beethoven- op. 9 no. 3 in c min
Beethoven- Serenade op. 8 in D maj


“3×3 Distilled”

Mozart – fragment kv anh. 66 (unfinished movement)
Bach – selection from Solo’s, Duo’s en Trio’s
Kurtág- Signs, Games and Messages (selection)
Mozart- Divertimento in E flat major KV563

Kurtág is music in its purest form.
Mozart is humanity in its purest form.
Bach is the soul in its purest form.
The Serafino Trio will explore and share the different facets of purity.
Three giants of classical music, Bach, Kurtág and Mozart, are the inspiration to experience the fine balance between simplicity and complexity.
The first half of the program will be a mixture of solos, duos and trios of Bach and Kurtág.
The second half will be Mozart’s mini masterpiece, the Divertimento in E-flat K.563, a pure testament of humanity.


“Schubert/Beethoven Matinee”

Schubert- String Trio in B flat major D. 581
Beethoven- String Trio in E flat major op. 3


“String Trios from Vienna”

Schubert- String Trio in B flat major, D. 581
Schönberg- String Trio op. 45
Webern- Movement for String Trio op. Post.
Beethoven- String Trio in E flat major op. 3

In this program we are thrown back and forth between the two famous Viennese Schools; on the one hand, the classical purity and tonal beauty of Mozart and Schubert, and on the other hand, the experimental and expressive work of the twelve-tone masters Webern and Schönberg. These seemingly contrasting styles complement each other beautifully and together form a logical alternation between consonant and dissonant.



Bach: Goldberg Variaties BWV988 (arr D. Sitkovetsky)
Beethoven: Strijktrio in Es Gr. op.3
Beethoven: Serenade in D Gr. op.8
Beethoven: Strijktrio in G Gr. op.9 no.1
Beethoven: Strijktrio in D Gr. op.9 no.2
Beethoven: Strijktrio in C Kl. op.9 no.3
Borodin: Variaties in G kl. op een Russisch thema
Dohnányi: Serenade in C Gr. op.10
Eisler: Práludium & Fuga über B.A.C.H
Francaix: Strijktrio (1933)
Gubaidulina: Strijktrio
Klein: Strijktrio (1944)
Kodaly: Intermezzo (1905)
Krase: Fuga en Passacaglia voor Strijktrio
Kurtág: “Signs, Games and Messages”
Martinu: Strijktrio no.2 (1934)
Mozart: Divertimento in Es KV563
Mozart/Bach: 6 Adagios & Fuga’s K404a
Reger: Strijktrio in A Kl. op.77b
Schnittke: Strijktrio (1985)
Schönberg: Strijktrio op.45
Schubert: Strijktrio in Bes D471
Schubert: Strijktrio in Bes D581
Sibelius: Strijktrio in G Kl. (1893/4)
Taneyev: Strijktrio in B Kl.
Taneyev: Strijktrio in Es
Taneyev: Strijktrio in D
Tchaikovsky: Strijktrio deel in D
Webern: Strijktrio op.20
Webern: Strijktrio Satz
Ysaye: Strijktrio
Zimmermann: Strijktrio (1944)